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5 Myths of “Reliable” Tape Backup


Five Myths of Tape Backup That Keep Businesses at Risk for Application Downtime and Data Loss

Myth #1: Tape Backup is Reliable
The Truth: Tape can degrade, disintegrate or store corrupt data without notice.

Myth #2: There is No Urgent Need to Switch Away from Tape
The Truth: There is no time for downtime!

Myth #3: Backing Up with Tape is an Easy Process
The Truth: Actual steps are time-consuming and cumbersome.

Myth #4: It Won’t Happen to Me (Lost of Damaged Files)
The Truth: The average SMB suffers 10 hours of application downtime per year.

Myth #5: I Cannot Afford an Alternative Solution to Tape
The Truth: You cannot afford the high hidden costs of tape!

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