Calling all Axcient Partners Sales Executives and Systems Engineers!

Axcient Accelerate Awards

Axcient is now rewarding partners the same way vendors often compensate their internal sales executives for hitting their quota early, with lucrative rewards! As part of Axcient’s new CPP (Continuity Partner Program), the “Triple A” rewards program provides post sales rewards for both partner Sales Reps and SEs for accelerating their ramp with Axcient. The program is available beginning May 1, 2015.

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Qualifications and Terms

Partner Qualifications

  • Partners can participate in their first six months on-board
  • Partners must obtain minimum training and business planning requirements
  • Partners may opt-in to the program, we don’t mandate if partners do not want to participate
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Sales Rep and Sales Engineer Qualifications

  • Both the SE and Sales rep qualify
  • Awards will be given to both reps who close deals in their first 2 quarters of selling
  • Minimum deal size is $1,000 MRR and must be partner-sourced
  • All deals must be registered with valid rep information
  • Reps and SEs are responsible for all IRS W-9 required reported incentives and gifts


Earn up to $3,500 in rewards value on top of your sales compensation!

Limited to the first 30 partners to sign up and valid only for the first six months a partner is an active and authorized partner of Axcient.

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