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All Covered’s Cloud Backup

All Covered, one of the largest managed services providers in the United States, provides cloud backup, disaster recovery and business continuity services based on Axcient to its clients. Bill Lowrey, Server Marketing Manager for All Covered, elaborates on what they look for in a technology partner and why Axcient was a great choice:

  • Like-minded partner. “As we look at working with a vendor, we have to look at the big picture. Do we think they are going to be in business in the next three years and grow with us? Does their corporate culture align with ours, so that we both have the same interests in mind when delivering service to our now joint clients? It is important that we are of a like mind.”
  • Axcient a clear winner. “In doing our ‘bake-off’ with Axcient and the other vendors, Axcient was the clear winner across the board. Not only with their great technological solution, but their core values and our ability to do business with them together. That’s really the driving force that has made our partnership great for both of us.”
  • Outstanding peopleteam. “We love working with the people at Axcient. The sales support is tremendous and the marketing support is helpful as well.”
  • Affordable, enterprise-grade business continuity solution. “The value for All Covered in working with Axcient is their product gives us the breadth of solution we need in delivering backup, business continuity and disaster recovery to our clients in layers that give us the flexibility we want. It gives us ability to deliver what we consider an enterprise-grade business continuity solution to the small and medium market at a price that they can now afford.”
11:39 pm
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