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Axcient and Datasmith Save All Natural from Cryptolocker Virus


Datasmith Network Solutions has been providing managed IT services for 30 years. Having been in business for 30 years, Datasmith is no stranger to the ever-changing innovations in the IT industry. Datasmith consistently researches and analyzes the latest IT solutions to provide the best services to its clients. Paul Smith, Owner at Datasmith, has spearheaded implementing and deploying the ideal data protection and recovery solution for their clients. Datasmith is currently protecting over nine TB of data for over 15 clients with the Axcient Business Recovery Cloud.


  • Cryptolocker hit critical server
  • All data became corrupted


  • Axcient Business Recovery Cloud
  • Local and cloud protection for instant server failover and office virtualization


  • Instant server failover locally for immediate access to data and applications
  • Unlimited DR testing in a sandboxed environment at no additional charge
  • Simple Web-based interface to access all client devices recovery functions

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