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Axcient – Recover Data Quickly with One Click


Welcome to the new age of accessible recovery! Recover data quickly and easily via a single button in the Axcient web application, and monitor offsited data better than ever before. Introducing:

  • FILE RECOVERY FROM THE CLOUD: Access your offsited data from anywhere with our next generation file browser, and recover to the original device in a snap.
  • VIRTUALIZE A DEVICE IN JUST A FEW CLICKS: Initiate, manage and monitor local and cloud virtualizations reliably and without hassle, whether you’re testing or running a production failover.
  • HERE COMES THE SUN –MORE INSIGHT INTO THE CLOUD: We’re giving you more insight into offsites with additional icons and data points that indicate when an offsite is running for a given job, device or appliance. See clearly how up-to-date offsites really are.

For more information on this release, please contact Nancy Chu, Senior Product Manager at Axcient, at [email protected].

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