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Axcient Granular Object Recovery for Microsoft SQL Server


The Axcient Granular Object Recovery for Microsoft SQL Server allows you to restore your databases to a precise point in time or to narrow down datasets by using SQL-like queries, allowing you to reduce your recovery time objective.

How It Works

A user can restore just the table needed, rather than the entire database. The ability to move objects, tables, groups, etc., without having to complete a full database restore, greatly reduces time and expenses. Recovered items can be saved as SQL scripts or exported directly to a live SQL Server. The Axcient Granular Recovery technology is integrated with the Axcient Business Recovery Cloud for a full disaster recovery and business continuity solution.

Feature Functionality

  • Open offline SQL Server database to view structure, schemas, and data
  • Use simple SQL-like clauses to narrow search results
  • Quickly locate related data over foreign key relations
  • Instantly restore objects or datasets to a live database or to offline SQL Server scripts


  • Granular Recovery for Microsoft SQL Server gives companies and IT services providers a fast, easy-to-use way to recover SQL Server database content to their production servers from previously backed-up data, thereby minimizing end-user aggravation caused by user error, database corruption, viruses and other unforeseen events
  • No additional fees for use of the Granular Object Recovery technology

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