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Axcient Places All Bets on Eradicating $70B Annual Spend on Non-Production IT Software and Hardware

Seeks to Take Down Incumbents Who Push Wasteful, Inefficient IT

MOUNTAIN VIEW, Calif.—June 28, 2016—The legacy on-premises IT infrastructure market is worth more than $100 billion annually. To Axcient, the industry-recognized leader in Disaster Recovery as a Service (DRaaS), $70B of that isn’t necessary.

Today’s IT teams are under constant pressure to deliver higher levels of service, resilience and agility while simultaneously being pushed to reduce budget and operate with limited staff. It is a nearly impossible task. Legacy hardware and software vendors, who benefit by forcing their customers to purchase multiple siloes of redundant infrastructure, have only exacerbated the problem.

Legacy IT architectures require companies to purchase three, four or sometimes more copies of every piece of software and hardware they deploy to accommodate non-production workloads. This excess investment often sits idle and underutilized. In addition to the exorbitant expense of purchasing redundant infrastructure, eighty percent of annual IT budgets goes into owning, operating and maintaining data centers, according to IDC. The fact is, modern IT architectures are broken, and until things change, IT leaders will continue to be handcuffed by the monumental overhead of non-production IT.

Axcient Disrupts Itself to Put an End to Wasteful IT Infrastructure

“Eight years ago, everyone told us it would be impossible to combine backup, business continuity and disaster recovery into a unified service for our customers, but we did it and pioneered what is now being called the Disaster Recovery as a Service market bringing enterprise-class resiliency to over 5,000 businesses,” said Axcient CEO and founder Justin Moore. “While our original focus was on small to medium-sized businesses, we started to gain the attention of mid-market and enterprise companies who wanted us to solve their infrastructure challenges. We realized that we had stopped short of an even bigger opportunity – to consolidate not just backup and disaster recovery, but all non-production workloads and infrastructure in a single elastic platform – and to do it for large organizations. To answer the needs of those customers, we had to build an entirely new platform, and so we created a parallel engineering group to disrupt ourselves.”

Axcient Fusion goes beyond the ‘hyper-converged’ solutions that have emerged in recent years. Designed to deliver simpler, more consolidated on-premises infrastructure, hyper-converged solutions merge siloes of compute, storage, networking and software into a single box. While they are a step in the right direction, such solutions still require IT departments to purchase more hardware and provide and budget for the facilities, power, and cooling to operate that hardware.

The Answer is Hybrid-Cloud IT with Cloud-Converged Infrastructure

Axcient, in unveiling its new Fusion platform, is modernizing IT architectures and going beyond hyper-convergence to ‘cloud-convergence’, enabling businesses to deploy only one copy of the software and hardware needed to run production IT on premises, and place all resiliency and agility workloads in the cloud. By eliminating excess on-premises infrastructure and providing businesses with a radically efficient approach to deliver their non-production workloads, Fusion enables businesses to run a their full potential, unlocking significant budget and resources to focus on strategic IT projects. With Fusion, data protection, business continuity and disaster recovery, testing and development, archiving and compliance, and data warehousing and analytics can now be consolidated into a simple on-demand platform.

“The public cloud holds immense potential to make IT more efficient, but until recently hasn’t been a viable option for large scale internal IT infrastructures for cost and complexity reasons,” said Rory O’Driscoll, Managing Partner at Scale Venture Partners. “By giving mid-market IT Fortune 500-grade resilience and agility without forcing the expense of additional data centers, Axcient is tapping the potential of the public cloud in a new and exciting way. Scale is dedicated to companies that change the business world, and Axcient Fusion represents a great step forward in modernizing IT.”

About Axcient

Axcient solves complicated technology problems with powerfully simple cloud solutions to enable businesses to run at their full potential. Fusion, the world’s first cloud-converged solution for IT resilience, empowers businesses of all sizes to operate with the resilience and agility of the world’s largest enterprises while dramatically reducing data center footprint, complexity and cost. Thousands of businesses trust Axcient to keep their applications running, their data centers lean and employees productive. The company is headquartered in Mountain View, California.

Gartner recently recognized Axcient as a Leader in the 2016 Magic Quadrant for Disaster Recovery as a Service.

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