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Axcient Uptime vs a Piano

In the face of disaster, throw your hands in the air like you just don’t care. Even in the highly likely event that a piano falls out of the sky and lands on your servers, desktops or laptops, as portrayed in this Uptime vs a Piano video, you don’t have to worry when Axcient has your back!

Your data is protected in the event of fire, theft, sabotage, hardware failure, natural disaster, or a rogue piano in our secure, offsite cloud data centers.

  • Data and machine images automatically sent offsite for total protection
  • No more recording, shipping, or storing tapes
  • Data is AES-256 encrypted in transit and at rest in one of our SAS 70 Type II data centers in the US and in Canada
  • In the event of a site failure, a new, fully replicated Axcient Appliance is sent overnight
  • Onsite and cloud failover for complete business continuity
11:44 am
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