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Axcient Virtual Appliance


Protecting Physical And Virtual Environments With Axcient Virtual Appliance

The Axcient Virtual Appliance is a software component of the Axcient solution that runs on your existing virtual infrastructure and protects both physical and virtual servers as well as workstations and laptops. With the Axcient solution, all your data, SQL databases, MS Exchange and other applications are protected both locally and in the cloud.

How Does the Axcient Virtual Appliance Work?

After downloading the Axcient Virtual Appliance software, it only takes a few minutes for it to be installed in a VM host of your choice. The Virtual Appliance then establishes a secure connection with the Axcient Cloud, authenticating and validating the installation.

By using Axcient’s web-based interface you can then select which devices you would like to protect and quickly apply protection policies. In a matter of minutes, you can have Axcient protecting your whole IT environment.

All your data is securely transmitted to the Axcient cloud where it is protected and can be accessed at any time.

Protecting Data and Applications from Downtime

The Axcient solution gives you two layers of protection. Local protection, with the Virtual Appliance; and off-site protection, with the Axcient cloud.

Restoring individual files and folders up to full system images and BMR can be done in minutes with the Axcient Virtual Appliance. In the case of a server crash, the Axcient Virtual Appliance allows you to failover that server as a virtualized image within minutes, preventing application downtime. Multiple servers can be virtualized simultaneously within the Axcient Virtual Appliance.

Cloud Continuity

The Axcient Virtual Appliance communicates with the Axcient Cloud and establishes a secure connection for sending your protected data encrypted to our secure datacenters. The Axcient cloud allows you to provide your company with true business continuity in the case of a major disaster as your entire IT infrastructure can be virtualized in the cloud to eliminate application downtime and keep employees productive.

Virtual Appliance Benefits

The Axcient Virtual Appliance gives companies of all sizes an affordable way to protect their data and applications. Because it leverages your existing investment in virtual environments, no additional hardware is required.


Multiple Axcient Virtual Appliance instances can be running on a single VM Host. The flexibility the virtual appliance offers is unparalleled.


Managed Service Providers (MSPs) that need multi-tenancy to protect individual clients can now easily deploy the Axcient Virtual Appliance without incurring hardware fees.


Companies with multiple locations with distributed IT infrastructure can leverage the Axcient Virtual Appliance in each separate branch for local protection while also counting on the Axcient cloud for additional level of security.

Lower Cost

Save money by repurposing an existing hardware appliance or legacy backup server into an Axcient local appliance by using the virtual appliance on top of a virtual host.

Protection of physical and virtual environments is now easier with the Axcient Virtual Appliance. With a straight-forward installation and one pane of glass web interface, you can protect all your devices including workstations and laptops within minutes.

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