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Axcient Web-Based User Interface


Axcient has completely redesigned the way you protect devices with a new web-based management console that gives you all the features you need under one single user interface.

1. Identify Unprotected Devices Quickly & Easily

Our new auto-discover feature searches your network for new devices so you don’t have to – just enter credentials once and we will do the rest!

2. Detect & Protect With a Click

After auto-detecting new devices in your network, Axcient automatically suggests the best protection levels for them, making setup a breeze. Just click and you’re done!

Or, you can apply your own protection schemes, by selecting different devices and customizing protection for them. No more laborious policy creation, or logging into appliances. Do it all from the cloud.

3. Do It All From the Cloud

One Web interface gives you all the functions you need for a quick and easy setup. Plus, the new protection features dovetail directly into our Manage by Exception philosophy so you will know at a glance when anything out of the ordinary occurs.

Manage by Exception

Find and Fix Issues Fast with Status Dashboard and Notifications

With Axcient, there’s no need for IT professionals to monitor multiple screens worth of status lists to ensure all their backup and recovery jobs are running smoothly. Instead, they can receive alerts when issues arise and view protection status at a glance. With this ability to manage by exception, IT pros can quickly diagnose and correct any gaps in protection, then move on to other priorities.

View Health Status at a Glance

Tell in an instant whether a device or client is protected or not. Green means fully protected. Red alerts indicate failing protection; yellow predicts preventable trouble ahead.

Adjust Thresholds for Alerts

We automatically set thresholds for how long a device or client can go without being successfully protected. You
can customize the threshold to fit the definition of protection that’s right for you. Devices of higher priority can be given lower thresholds, triggering a red alert sooner.

Set Exception-Based Notifications

With exception-based notifications, you’ll know right away when something’s wrong. You pick what you want to be notified about and who you want to notify, then we do the rest.

The Manage by Exception feature is one of the many ways the Axcient cloud solution simplifies a business’ ability to achieve the highest level of backup, business continuity and disaster recovery protection.

Axcient provides a web-based user interface that enables you to quickly protect your IT environment, minimize administrative tasks & improve productivity.

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