Say Goodbye to Backup on World Backup Day

World Backup Day is March 31. So sure, back up those files — but keep in mind that the data does you no good if your operating system’s down in an outage. It’s time to go beyond backup with a full disaster recovery solution that provides all-the-time access to your files, apps, and systems.

Learn more with a Business Continuity Success Kit which includes:

  • The History of Backup
  • The 5 Myths of Tape Backup
  • Webinar Recording: Key Criteria For Selecting a Business Continuity Solution
  • Data Protection Designed For the Cloud Era

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Fact: Backup is not a recovery plan.

A complete recovery plan entails a solution that ensures your employees have complete access to their files, apps and systems from anywhere, anytime. Be prepared for any disaster, server failure, or employee error. Breakup with backup for good — download the business success kit now!

Are you in the clear?

Go ahead — Check your business continuity savvy with Axcient’s Business Continuity Awareness Kit, for the latest tips IT managers need to protect their infrastructure and ensure all-the-time access to corporate files, folders, and apps.

Backup and Recovery

Axcient protects Data and Applications

Axcient replaces the multiple products typically used for backup, replication, deduplication and archiving with the Powerfully Simple ™ Cloud Based Disaster Recovery platform. We mirror your entire business in the cloud making it simple to restore data, failover servers and virtualize your network with a click.

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