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Bailey & Galyen Attorneys


Texas-based Law Firm Gains Business Efficiency, Market Edge, and Time-Savings with Axcient

Jim Brittain knows the value of a dependable, easy-to-use data backup and business continuity solution. Brittain is the director of IT for Bailey & Galyen Attorneys – a law firm with more than 30 attorneys who handle everything from criminal defense, to business and corporate law, to divorce settlements.

With the Axcient solution for all-the-time data and application uptime, the firm supports 2-3 terabytes of client data. Brittain said Axcient has helped him cut the time he spends on managing and maintaining that data by approximately five hours per week. But as Brittain knows, finding the proper data backup and disaster recovery platform is challenging.

Bailey & Galyen Test Symantec, Zenith

“Data backup can be very complex depending on how you’re doing it and which solution you’re using,” said Brittain, who used various versions of Symantec data backup products for roughly a decade. The Symantec solution forced Brittain to spend much of his time on tedious tasks like rebooting servers, rotating disks, and talking through lengthy support calls. Symantec’s latest solution, Symantec Backup Exec 12.4, still called for the same tedious data backup steps that Brittain was trying to avoid.
“Symantec Backup Exec is frustrating and complex, especially when it comes to media maintenance,” Brittain sad. “I felt like I had to constantly check our server reports throughout the day.”

Bailey & Galyen’s problems with Symantec went deeper. For example, Brittain had to dedicate far too much time to speaking with Symantec support in order to resolve the firm’s data backup issues.

“When I called the Symantec support line with a specific issue, I would have to spend 45 minutes explaining which product I was using and the problems I had with it before they could find someone who could even begin to help,” Brittain recalled.
The complexity of Symantec’s solution proved to be too time-consuming. Brittain eventually gave up on Symantec and went with his Plan B, which was to test a backup and disaster recovery solution from Zenith Infotech. The result? More complexity tied to data backup.

“You have to give Zenith a lot of information about your servers. Next Zenith builds individual install files per server, and then you have to run the install files on each server and reboot them all, sometimes twice!” – Jim Brittain, Director of IT, Bailey & Galyen

The firm’s backup headaches quickly subsided when Bailey & Galyen found ASI Business Solutions, a managed services provider (MSP) that offers the Axcient all-in-one data backup, disaster recovery, and business continuity platform as part of its IT services package. The main reason? “Peace of mind is the big thing for us, and the simplicity of the solution also makes Axcient that much better,” Brittain said.

Efficient and Timely Recovery

Brittain soon found that peace of mind and simplicity are only two of Axcient’s many advantages compared to Symantec, Zenith, and other data backup solution providers he has researched and tested.

“Axcient is agentless, which is really nice. It’s less taxing on us because it requires very little administration and has fewer moving parts. With Backup Exec, we had to rebuild servers and then restore data. With Axcient, we can spin up a virtual machine in 15 minutes.” – Jim Brittain, Director of IT, Bailey & Galyen

Brittain also noticed a significant upgrade in the quality of technical support when the firm switched from Symantec to Axcient. “The Axcient support team is top-notch. They quickly fix any problem I have, and with little to no effort on my part. I love that I can call Axcient support and bounce anything off of them.”

With Axcient, Bailey & Galyen got something more than a reliable and efficient data and application uptime solution – Axcient has given the firm a new angle for winning new clients, especially those in markets like pharmaceuticals and healthcare, which are regulated by HIPAA and other laws that require secure data backup and recovery.

“The Axcient solution is a major selling point to those clients,” Brittain said. Today, Brittain spends just three minutes each morning reviewing server reports – a major upgrade from the hours he previously spent. As Brittain stated, the biggest benefit of business continuity is peace of mind for a company and its customers. And that’s exactly what Axcient has provided to Bailey & Galyen and its legal clients.

“We now have the business advantage of the best and most efficient solution to get us up quickly, and keep us up,” Brittain said. “With Axcient, I know we can restore individual servers much faster than before. And once I look over server reports, I know I don’t have to look at them again for the rest of the day.”

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