Valentine’s Day is just around the corner and we sincerely hope that you will let us be your valentine in ensuring that your business is always protected and your data always available. Here are 10 reasons for you to fall in love with us:

  1. We hold your hand through thick and thin – With an average 30-second call-to-answer response time, our knowledgeable and experienced customer support team is always there for you.
  2. You can show us off to your friends – We have worked hard from the very beginning to create a product and a partnership that our partners can be proud of. In 2013, Axcient received more than a dozen industry awards and accolades for our product, partner program and all-star executive staff.
  3. We’re extremely attractive – We have completely redesigned our Next Generation User Interface with our philosophy rooted in simplicity, precision, and effectiveness.
  4. We come from a good background with endless potential – Axcient is led by an executive team that are leaders in their respective space and backed by a board of directors that believe in our company mission to disrupt the industry and reimagine the way businesses store and protect their data.
  5. We listen to you – From our executive team to our product management team and everyone in between, Axcient truly listens to customer feedback to improve our product and the services we provide. Everything from our customer support processes and data transfer speeds to our marketing services has been improved because of the feedback from customers.
  6. We are eager to please – The Axcient Values ensures that we bring the five most important elements of the company into focus in everything we do. Whether it’s interacting with partners, engineering new technology or holding a company picnic, Team Axcient is always putting customers first, changing the game, a team to win, exemplifying integrity in action, and showcasing results that matter.
  7. We change for the better – Axcient has put every effort we have into improving our product and services to the level that our customers deserve. Our interface is simpler to use, our data transfer speeds increased by 60x, and our new cloud infrastructure cut costs and improved performance by 4x. All for you.
  8. We’re down to earth – You don’t have time to hassle with a product that’s complicated and demands a lot of attention. Unlike other data protection solution providers, Axcient is easy-to-use and easy-to-manage so that you can get back to what’s important: growing your business.
  9. We are dedicated – We don’t sell multiple products because we want to focus on the one thing that’s important to you: protecting your data.
  10. We care about the community – We want to give as much to our geographic community as we do to our partner and customer community. Whether it’s a toy drive, a charity run to benefit sick children or a food drive, Team Axcient wants to do its part to help.

So, here it goes – will you be our valentine?

Nancy Chu is an Axcient product manager by day and a beauty blogger by night:


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