A Reflection on the Sandler System

Pictured: Rudy Neubeck – Winner of Axcient’s “Free Sandler Sales Training” Contest

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Meet Rudy, a Creative Services Representative at IT Partners in Grand Rapids, Michigan. For sharing episode #7 of the podcast, Rudy was selected to attend a free Sandler Sales training session (travel and lodging included). Read about Rudy’s experience and what he plans to take back to the office below.

By Rudy Neubeck –
Human curiosity has driven technological innovation throughout the ages. In the beginning we captured fire brought to the dirt from mystifying bolts of electricity sundering the skies above. Soon after we laid the foundations for the scientific method, a tool used to validate or dispute newfound discoveries. In the past century we have broken free from the shackles of Earth’s gravitational pull and touched the surface of another world. These accomplishments were all brought to fruition by the minds of those who ask questions.

I want to paint a scene for you. Imagine yourself in the patient room at the doctor’s office. You have recently suffered a sprained ankle and you think it may be broken. The doctor finally arrives and after a brief introduction the conversation begins to turn one sided. Rather than seeking to understand the cause and impact of the ankle pain they instead regurgitate the features and benefits of the practice. The doctor drones on, “Have you seen our website? We have the best prosthetics! They are even infused with a special alloy used by NASA on the Space Station.” Your own thoughts begin to smother out his thoughtless rambling, “Prosthetics??  Surely he must have another person’s file.” Now imagine the opposing scenario. The doctor walks in and greets you warmly. They have a conversation with you as opposed to talking at you. Through due diligence, he pinpoints the exact cause of your issue. The soothing tone of the doctor’s voice reminds you of a nurturing parent and you begin to get a sense that the doctor is truly looking out for your best interest. The sense continues to build, and you begin to feel the foundation of warmth and comfort become solidified. You know, this is the doctor for you.

The role of the MSP is indistinguishable from that of a doctor. We are there to diagnose and treat potential clients, our “patients.” For us to do this we must never forget to ask the right questions. We must use our natural born curiosity so that we can understand the full extent of our client’s issue. Managed service providers often make the mistake of rushing towards a demonstration in order to “wow” a potential client. They do this before having true comprehension of potential clients underlying condition. Without total comprehension the MSP will fail. They may fail to secure the client, they may fail to secure their loyalty or they may fail to provide a complete service. The area of fault is grey, however the result is not a rendezvous with failure. Become the doctor who asks the right questions and a rendezvous with success will be your destiny.

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