Tired of setting up and spending a ton of money on appliances? Need business-grade protection for your laptops and desktops? Want to protect devices in your remote and branch offices but don’t want to juggle between different DRaaS providers? We’ve been listening to the same concerns from our partners and customers so we worked to bring you a brand new solution: Direct to Cloud (or D2C), a new way to deploy Axcient without the need for an appliance. With this launch, we are expanding the capabilities of our Axcient Business Recovery Cloud solution and making it stronger than ever. Direct to Cloud will provide you with endpoint and enhanced server protection.

How does it work?

It’s simple: An agent is installed on any Windows-based physical or virtual device that needs protection, then works to replicate an image snapshot of the device securely to the Axcient cloud. D2C leverages the same Web-based interface as the current solution so you still receive all the advantages of the single pane of glass designed using Manage by Exception rules, which our customers have come to love. There are also new UI features you will come across throughout the Web application, such as real-time display of job progress and enhanced event tracking capability.


Apart from replicating full image snapshots to the cloud, you also have the ability to virtualize a single device or your entire office in the cloud in case of a system failure or a disaster. This self-service feature was designed for the increasing need for faster Recovery Time Objectives (RTOs), and to fill the gap created by cloud-only solutions that do not offer such functionality. We find this to be a key feature for any DRaaS provider geared toward businesses. Most consumer-based or endpoint solutions only provide a file and folder sync, which does not give you the business continuity you need to keep your business up.

We are really excited about this launch and believe this will make Axcient a one-stop shop for all BCDR solutions. Check out this short video for an overview of Direct to Cloud:

Shravya Yelisetti