Would it surprise you to learn that I dislike World Backup Day? Well surprise, I do. I do for several reasons, but let’s talk about my number one pet peeve. Backup on its own is a placebo drug trying to cure a life threatening illness. Let me explain.

Imagine there was a World Take a Vitamin Day, there isn’t, I Googled it. There is a vitamin D day, and that just kind of makes my point. If you were a doctor, would you feel better if all your patients took a multi-vitamin one day out of the year? Of course you wouldn’t. The fact is, your patients may not think they need any additional medical care because they took their vitamin. Even if these patients took their vitamin every day, they would still need all kinds of additional medical care even if they are healthy as a horse. That’s why I dislike World Backup Day.
If you want to check out other reasons why you need more than just backup, you can download the Business Continuity Success Kit.

Getting a “good” backup of your data is not the goal. It should be a step towards your goal. A goal which should be the ability to recover the systems you need to run your business, not just a copy of your data. There are many technologies used today to add some level of resiliency to a company’s IT infrastructure. Virtual machines, IaaS, high availability, and the list goes on and on. Little to no amount of this investment provides the ability to recover your critical business systems if you are not able to access your primary site.

You could gain the ability to recover these systems using mere backup,if you double the cost of your infrastructure by buying a second piece of hardware for all the systems you need to replicate. If you providing the datacenter to house this hardware, provide ping, power, and pipe for this hardware. If you procuring the additional licensing needed for the software systems needed. If you provide a way to replicate the data to the secondary site. I could go on and on and if I would have taken my vitamin today I would have the energy to do so. As you can see, it takes backup, plus a lot more to do what you really need to do to keep your business running.

When computers were a nice to have, data backup was a nice to have. When computerized systems became the standard business process, data backup became critical. Now that our computer systems have become critical, data backup has become obsolete. If you rely on data backup alone to secure your business, it may become obsolete too.
So let’s all stop focusing on World Backup Day, and start focusing on a year of recovery.


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