I am very excited to introduce the newest extension of the Axcient platform – Cloud Continuity. The Axcient team has been working tirelessly on this project in stealth for over a year and now we’re bringing it to the small and medium-sized business (SMB) market to end downtime for good.

Business downtime is a real issue and causes SMBs billions of dollars a year. Many of our own customers have suffered from fires, floods, tornadoes, hurricanes, and thefts. While backup helps ensure that data is recoverable, it leaves a glaring gap in today’s always-on world – the time between the event that causes downtime and the time it takes to get a business’ systems, applications, and data up and running. Axcient first solved this problem with our local failover capability, which enables a business to run its servers on the Axcient local appliance in the event of server failure. But, this didn’t provide a solution for the more widespread business outages mentioned above; if the Axcient local appliance was also unavailable, the business would be down for days or even weeks. Now, with Axcient Cloud Continuity, customers are able to get their business systems back up and running, even in the worst-case scenarios where all business servers and the Axcient onsite appliance are lost.

Starting with just a click from your smartphone, tablet, or computer, Axcient Cloud Continuity enables you to quickly and easily create a virtual office in the Axcient cloud so that you can failover all of your business critical servers and systems and access all of the data and applications you use to run your business. You just log into Axcient’s secure, web-based console, click “Cloud Failover,” and select which servers you want to virtualize. The Axcient Cloud Continuity feature takes care of the rest and your servers are up and running in minutes, regardless of size. You can set up a virtual VPN, web access, and standard terminal access protocols to access any of your servers. And all this is possible without having to call Axcient support, since we built an intuitive interface that gives you the power and ability to get your systems back up and running quickly.

Now, no matter what happens – fire, flood, tornado, earthquake, hurricane, whatever – with Axcient Cloud Continuity, you can rest assured you’ll never be without your data.

SMBs are the core of America’s job growth and innovation, and I’m very proud that Axcient is providing a solution that ensures those businesses will never go under or lose money due to viruses, disasters, or data loss. With Axcient and Cloud Continuity, SMB owners can focus on building their businesses, while we focus on building the inspired solutions that keep them up and running.


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