We are excited to announce that, to complement our release of Axcient Fusion, we have released a new Axcient Certified Expert (ACE) curriculum to help teach users how to protect their businesses in the cloud with Fusion. The Fusion ACE training offers a detailed walkthrough of the Fusion service and is available in the Axcient Portal.

The ultimate goal of the Fusion ACE training is get new users up and running with their Fusion service as quickly as possible while learning the Axcient recommended practices.  The program takes around five (5) hours to complete with a brief quiz following each lesson. Included in the curriculum are lessons on how to:

  • Use the Fusion service and the Web Application user interface
  • Deploy the Axcient Virtual Manager (AVM), protect devices, and configure the service
  • Recover services and virtual machines in the cloud
  • Create Runbooks to orchestrate and automate protection, recovery, and test/dev processes

How to access the ACE training curriculum

To access the new Fusion ACE training curriculum, users can login to the Axcient Portal. Once there, click on the ACE Training button on the bottom of the page to enter the Axcient Learning Management System (LMS).

Under the “Courses to do” tab, users can find the curriculum called Axcient Fusion ACE Training.

axcient ACE training homepage Axcient Certified Expert

In the training, users will learn the Axcient recommended practices through the use of videos, texts and images. The videos provide step-by-step instructions of how to complete the specified task while providing any additional contextual information, such as best practices and performance tuning advice.

For users who would wish to move at their own pace through the content, the training is available as a viewable document.

Once a lesson is complete, users will be required to complete a brief quiz that covers what was taught in that particular lesson.

Why get certified on Axcient?

Axcient Certified Experts are true business continuity and disaster recovery pros! By completing the ACE program, ACE users demonstrate that they have a comprehensive understanding of the Axcient platform as well as best practices and performance tuning techniques to optimize the protection and recovery of businesses with Axcient’s Disaster Recovery as a Service platform.

Once a user has completed the curriculum and passed the certification exam, they will receive an official  Axcient Certified Expert Certificate demonstrating their exceptional knowledge of the Axcient platform.

In addition to the official ACE certificate and designation, ACE members also receive:

  • Early access to new Axcient products and services
  • Exclusive product demonstrations
  • Access to the Axcient knowledge base and community
  • ACE completion requirement for joining or maintaining partner status in the Axcient Continuity Partner Program
  • Ability to call in to receive technical support (Partners only)


Have additional questions on the Axcient ACE program? Feel free to contact your Axcient account manager or get in touch with us here.


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