#AxcientLife Spotlight – Remote Work Pros and Cons

The novel coronavirus has caused more people to work from home than at any other point in modern history. Remote work comes with plenty of pros and cons!

We asked our senior leadership and a couple of employees from different departments to share what their favorite and least favorite parts of remote work are.

Kevin Hoffman - CTO and Co-Founder

Likes: No commute, 2 hours/day back + see family more!
Dislikes: Miss the comradery of the office collaboration.
David Bennett - CEO

Likes: Eating dinner at a normal time (not around 9 pm).
Dislikes: Not being in the office with the whole team and being unable to travel and meet with partners in person.
Angus Robertson - CRO

Likes: More time with family.
Dislikes: More time with family.
John Blood - CFO

Likes: Close proximity to good espresso, Gus the Golden Retriever and the family.
Dislikes: There is no substitute for being together with the team and being able to celebrate victories in person. Real life > virtual.
Suzanne Straub - VP of People

Likes: More time with my Peloton bike and I’m making strong progress on my personal “To Do” list.
Dislikes: I miss seeing all the people in-person: colleagues, friends, family and neighbors!
Ben Nowacky - SVP Product

Likes: Fridge full of food and getting caught up on Vaderpump Rules.
Dislikes: Getting caught up on Vanderpump rules.
Adam Preeo - Director of Product Management

Likes: No commute to downtown Denver; saves 1-2 hours daily.
Dislikes: Work life balance actually becomes more difficult when you bring work into the home.
Nicole Kimball - Revenue Operations Manager

Likes: More free time to exercise outside and re-pot my houseplants.
Dislikes: Running out of Netflix shows and having to cook all the time.
Justin Harp - Sr. Sales Development Representative

Likes: I really enjoy working in my own space (my music studio) hanging out with my dogs, and having way less distractions.
Dislikes: I really miss seeing all my coworkers and working in our awesome office building together.