Have you ever wondered what bank transactions and technical support could possibly have in common? Think about this…most of us are pretty busy, and the thought of waiting in line at the bank would be unfathomable. So, for convenience and speed, we use ATMs to handle the majority of our basic financial transactions.

Technical support service works in pretty much the same way. Axcient has recently launched a new partner portal to help speed the response and resolution of basic technical support issues. The new knowledge base will help you quickly find resolutions to a variety of topics including configuration and event messages. We have also included best practices for you to leverage.

An integrated case management module will provide you with clear visibility into all technical support requests opened with Axcient across your entire organization. Through the case module, you can add comments, notes, and even post attachments. Axcient is taking a big leap forward to provide the best service possible to our Managed Service Provider (MSP) partners.

If you need to open a technical support ticket over the phone, there are a few items that will help resolve the issue quickly.

  1. Service ID of the Axcient appliance
  2. Provide clear and concise statement of the problem/issue
  3. Provide any steps you’ve taken to resolve the issue

I welcome your feedback and suggestions on making your support experience even better. Please feel free to send me an email or comment on this blog.