I took my stepson out the other night and we purchased our two copies of Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 3 at our local GameStop store. There was a line, to be sure, and lots of gamer buzz about one of the year’s most anticipated game releases. At our local store they even had a couple of Marines on hand to promote the release of the game (no active recruiting though).

Well, sure enough, the next evening we went at it. He and I play many games together, and it’s not uncommon to hear us yelling at each other from down the hallway in our home while in the throes of battle. The rest of our household knows when we are on our respective Xbox 360s. So does the neighborhood.I’ve enjoyed video games from way back (remember the original Castle Wolfenstein?) and I’ve got to say, so far I see what the hype is all about. This latest release is well done. The weaponry is believable, the graphics are clean and the game play is tremendously addictive. Well done, Activision!

This particular release garnered so much anticipation, I read that a couple of extremists actually hijacked a delivery vehicle in France and stole a shipment of the games while in transit to the local stores in the area.  Enjoying the game is one thing, but actually stealing an entire shipment—that’s a little crazy.  I’m sure the street value of such an item must’ve been fairly large.

Activision really didn’t break any new ground that I can see thus far, but what the makers of this particular product line have done is to build upon a good story line, and continually take steps to improve upon performance, artistic content and game play with each new release. One could explore the observation that this same principle of taking small, continual steps in the right direction leads to success in many aspects of life and business. Or one could just start enjoying this Veteran’s Day long weekend and get back to playing Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 3!


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