Last time, we discussed how MSPs are navigating the Cloud evolution by offering their clients hosted cloud solutions such as email and calendaring, remote desktops and the like.

As they do, it has become increasingly clear that clients are concerned with the safety of their valuable data in the MSP Cloud, since the security blanket offered by “My data’s safe because it’s sitting on servers in my wiring closet” is no longer tenable.

This customer need provides MSPs with a business opportunity to offer Cloud Backup / Recovery as a value-added service to clients, an insurance policy should the worst befall customer applications now running the MSP Private Cloud.

Of particular interest to MSPs are the following:

  • The ability to offsite a customer’s backup data from the MSP Private Cloud to the Cloud of a BaaS (Backup-as-a-Service) / RaaS (Recovery-as-a-Service) provider.
  • The use of the MSP Private Cloud’s own virtualized compute and storage datacenter infrastructure for local data protection of clients’ applications. This makes economic sense since the MSP has already made a large upfront datacenter investment to host clients’ applications – and wishes to maximize utilization of that investment instead of buying dedicated backup appliances with the attendant increased Cap-Ex and Op-Ex costs in doing so.
  • The ability to accomplish the above in a multi-tenant fashion wherein data and applications belonging to one client are completely isolated and protected from data and applications belonging to another client. This is necessary for compliance purposes, as well as to give clients a sense that their data is safe within the MSP Cloud from snooping by other businesses.

To summarize: MSPs have expressed the need for a fully virtualized, multi-tenant backup & recovery solution that can meet the needs above.

Next time, we’ll talk about the all-new Axcient Virtual Appliance that is expressly designed to meet the MSP objectives articulated above.

Venkatesh Iyer is a Senior Product Manager at Axcient. When not thinking up the next cool product idea, he spends unreal amounts of time devouring comic books graphic novels and binge-watching “Downton Abbey” episodes (Go Carson!)


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