Today, customers expect businesses to be always up and available, and to safely handle more personal data than ever before. The more common these expectations become, the higher the cost of falling short by suffering from data loss and extended IT downtime.

You’d be hard-pressed to find a clearer example of this than within the legal industry. Every day law firms handle massive amounts of client data. They’re required to retain client records for up to seven years, depending on the state in which they operate. Failing to meet industry and client standards can amount to hundreds of thousands of dollars in losses when considering regulatory fines, productivity loss and reputation damage. And if you lose a current client, you can add recurring revenue loss to that bill.

While many backup and disaster recovery providers claim to help law firms meet strict industry compliance standards,  take it from Jim Brittain, Director of IT for Texas-based Bailey & Galyen Attorneys, who knows that legal firms really need a complete and reliable business continuity solution.

Combined, Bailey & Galyen’s 30 attorneys are responsible for nearly three terabytes of client data. For over a decade, the firm backed up its data using various Symantec BDR products, including Symantec Backup Exec. As the firm’s data grew, Brittain found Backup Exec increasingly frustrating and complex. Ultimately, the firm opted for a Zenith Infotech BDR solution, which, according to Brittain, brought about more tedious backup steps.

“When backing up data with Zenith, I had to run the install files on each server and then reboot them all, sometimes twice,” he said. And while Brittain waited for backups to complete, he knew the firm was at risk for IT downtime and data loss.

When Bailey & Galyen began using Axcient, the firm finally had the most efficient and reliable solution to keep their entire IT infrastructure up, earning and in compliance, enabling them to focus on opportunity and growth instead of risk.

“Axcient is exactly what I need it to be – a solution that takes the worry out of backup and recovery,” Brittain said. “And now we have the business advantage of the best and most efficient solution to get usup quickly, and keep us up.”

According to Brittain, the solution has helped the firm improve in several areas, from added value when speaking to clients, to time-savings.

“Axcient helps us meet compliance standards, specifically within the pharmaceutical and healthcare industries because they’re regulated by HIPAA and other laws that require secure data backup and recovery, Brittain explained. “And now I just spend three minutes each morning reviewing server reports – a major upgrade from the hours I previously spent.”

So what’s a reliable business continuity solution worth to Bailey & Galyen?

“Axcient is a major selling point for us because it’s the best and most efficient solution to get us up quickly, and keep us up,” Brittain said. “You can’t put a price on that.”


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