“What?” “Did you say something?” One of the most frustrating experiences in life is discovering that someone isn’t listening in the middle of a conversation.

As the father of several teenagers, I’ve had to learn (sometimes over and over again) just how important it is to listen to my kids when we’re having a conversation. As much as I want to impart my years of wisdom and experience, most of the time it’s more important that I listen first, and really just pay attention to what’s being said. As we’ve all heard before, you don’t want to jump to a conclusion without all the information. A good MSP understands this as well.When dealing with existing or potential customers, it’s important to ask questions and really listen to what they need: What is working? What is not working? What are your overall company goals? Once armed with this critical information, you can work with them and take steps to create a solution that truly fits their needs. Often, these questions are only asked once at the beginning of a relationship. But it is imperative to continue to ask these questions and really hear the answers.

At Axcient, we take particular care to listen to our partners all along the way and provide them the best in class backup, business continuity, and disaster recovery solution which they can then offer their customers with a “tailor made” fit. Prepackaged, canned, or the ubiquitous “one size fits all” just doesn’t work with this important part of the business strategy. We understand that different businesses have different requirements, so we offer a variety of options that scale to work with nearly any small or medium-sized business.

The noise level in our home can sometimes reach a deafening level – you should see what happens at birthday parties, or better yet, at Christmas. It can really get a little overwhelming at times, but I wouldn’t trade a minute of it. Don’t be overwhelmed by the demands of your customers! Listen, carefully, and you’ll discover exactly what your customers need. Then, with Axcient as your partner, you’ll be ready to respond with exactly the best solutions for them!


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