OK, I made that up, but there should be a National Direct to Cloud Week. Why? Axcient’s new Direct to Cloud (D2C) is that important. For the first time, IT Directors and IT Service Providers will be able to provide unified data protection across their entire enterprise with one vendor and one product, Axcient.

I can hear the band warming up for the parade now, but because we still have some time before we have to get on the float, let me use some of that time to share how D2C works and how it can change how you provide data protection.

The Axcient solution has always been a hybrid cloud Business Continuity solution. Hybrid cloud means it uses an appliance (physical or virtual) installed on the network behind the firewall. The Axcient software that runs on the appliance can now deploy itself and protect a heterogeneous environment. That includes Windows server and desktop operating systems, Apple Macintosh systems, and systems running Linux, whether running on physical hardware or a VM platform. The data and system images are copied locally for rapid data recovery and Windows server failover, then automatically offsited to the Axcient cloud where data can be recovered, and the entire environment can be virtualized and accessed on demand. All of this works perfectly if the devices that need to be protected are on the same network as the Axcient appliance. If they aren’t, then we have — let me say had — a disconnect.

Axcient’s D2C service is deployed directly on the Windows OS-based endpoint you need to protect and the systems data, where an image of the entire endpoint is made and securely transmitted directly to the Axcient cloud without the need for an appliance. Once that image is in the Axcient cloud, individual files can be recovered via the Web portal, an image can be recovered for bare metal recovery, and in fact, that image can be virtualized in the Axcient data center.

Yes, you can ride on the float with me to celebrate National Direct to Cloud Week. Be sure to wave that banner that says Axcient’s D2C is a game changer.

Steve Noel