#2 in a series introducing the Axcient Granular Mailbox Recovery for MS Exchange

Last time we shared how customers are increasingly looking to unlock value from their data backed up onsite or in RaaS (Recovery as a Service) Provider Clouds. In this vein, we are proud to introduce Axcient’s next generation Granular Mailbox Recovery for Microsoft Exchange. This app seamlessly melds all core Axcient Technologies to make search and recovery of lost emails, critical calendar appointments, important contacts and tasks a snap for both MSP (Managed Service Provider) and Enterprise customers alike.

What’s New?

  • Comprehensive Search and Recovery: Directly extract Emails, Calendar Appointments, Tasks, Contacts from Image backups of MS Exchange servers
  • Built for Speed:  Recover data from backups within a matter of seconds to both production Exchange Servers or offline PST files
  • Enterprise Ready: Recover to individual MS Exchange instances or to Clusters (CCR/DAG) and recover from backups of MS Exchange Servers up to 1 TB in size
  • 2X Space Savings:  No need to for a specialized Mailbox backup – just consolidate to a single Image backup of your MS Exchange server and free up space on your Axcient Appliance (and the Axcient Cloud)
  • Unified Policy Settings: Leverage policies that apply to Image backups in general (e.g. retention times, exclusions etc.)
  • Protects your MS Exchange Investment: Compatible with Exchange 2003, 2007, 2010 and 2013

Why It Matters

  • Granular Mailbox Recovery for Exchange gives Enterprise and MSP customers a fast, easy-to-use way to recover mailbox content to their production Email servers from previously backed up data, thereby minimizing end-user aggravation caused by accidentally deleted emails, calendar appointments etc.
  • It represents the first step towards more comprehensive Application-aware protection of environments such as production databases etc.
  • We built this technology from the ground up, fine-tuned for the needs of both MSP as well as Enterprise customers. Seen another way, one of our core differentiators is that we build our entire stack in-house, which gives us unprecedented agility in responding to customers’ ever evolving needs.

Venkatesh Iyer is a Senior Product Manager at Axcient. When not thinking up the next cool product idea, he divides eyeball time between Netflix and Amazon Prime, bemoaning for instance that “Sherlock” runs a mere three episodes per season, giving truth to the Scarcity Principle.


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