There are three, among many, important qualifiers when it comes to construction: security, resiliency and efficiency. General contractors are tasked with the important job of building safe buildings, resilient to any future mishaps, and built efficiently from both a time and money perspectives. They should expect no less from their backup solution.

Bartlett Cocke General Contractors (BCGC) is one of the largest and most respected general contractors in Texas and it is no surprise that their employees need to have access to their data and applications at all times. At the top of the list of priorities is fast replication and true offsite data protection and business continuity. Bartlett Cocke needs to make sure backups are happening fast and often, while ensuring that those backups were safely secured and readily available.

Steve Billingsley, an IT manager at BCGC, came to Axcient with a legacy solution protecting a 100% virtual environment (20 VMs and 15TB of data) that just wasn’t working anymore. Their legacy solution wasn’t meeting the 60 minute recovery time objective and 2 hour recovery point objective. Not to mention, as their business and data grew, so did their archival requirements.

“With our previous backup vendor we were only backing up critical servers because that is all our system with that vendor would allow us to do. On top of that, it wasn’t meeting our backup windows. In a situation where we had to recover a server, it took us nearly seven hours. This setup was very time consuming, unreliable and the solution itself was expensive and incomplete. We needed a change.” – Billingsley

When BCGC found Axcient, they learned what it meant to have a protection solution that works for you, and not against you. The Axcient Business Recovery Cloud provided BCGC the reliable replication, archiving disaster recovery and business continuity they needed under a single platform.

BCGC is now finally able to meet their protection and recovery point objectives with time to spare. And how does BCGC ensure that all their backups are ready when they need it? Simple really – by leveraging the Cloud Failover feature to quickly test images in an insolated sandbox environment. Now BCGC can quickly verify that system images work so that they can be prepared for any disaster situation.

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