When do you know it’s time to upgrade or modernize your data protection and recovery technology? Here are seven telling signs.

1. You have to explain to the company execs how many days it would take to recover from a server failure.

2. Disaster recovery (DR) tests are so rare and time consuming the team refers to the last one as “the great test of ’98.”
PerfectGIF (2)

3. You think that RPO stands for Recovery Pain Objective.
PerfectGIF (2)

4. When asked what product you use for data protection and recovery, you answer “it depends, for which part of our business?”

5. You start preparing backup audit reports months before the auditors come.
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6. Every morning you high five your team when you see backup jobs completed without errors.

7. Your boss always sighs when looking at your data protection budget.

Your company depends on your data protection and recovery strategy to continue operations when outages occur, so ignore these signs at your own peril!

P.S. If you really want to know if it’s time to modernize your data protection strategy using a more analytical approach, check out the Disaster Recovery Maturity Framework. We have a short online presentation of what the framework is and how you can assess your IT resiliency level.


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