In my last blog, Advice for Choosing the Right Datacenter, I wrote about some of the features I’ve found to be of utmost value when selecting a datacenter. I also mentioned the importance of defining your datacenter needs well in advance of having to make your final decision, so that you can choose a datacenter that meets your business’ requirements.

Most people have heard the phrase “the three most important factors in real estate are location, location, location.” This is also true when it comes to data centers.


  1. The physical location of your datacenter can affect your ability to fully utilize its available services. Here in Silicon Valley, we are fortunate to have many choices for where we house and manage the data that is part of our business offering. As a result of close proximity to our corporate headquarters (Axcient is based in Mountain View, CA) we have the ability to move quickly and be onsite at our datacenter within minutes when a particular need arises. Although advances in technology continually allow us to do more and more remotely, there are still times when a “hands on” approach is best. A great datacenter will offer assistance in this regard (I mentioned “helping hands” in the previous blog), but don’t underestimate the importance of having immediate physical access to your site.
  2. The physical location of your data center can affect the products or services you offer your customers. Let’s face it, having a location in another region of the country (or world – think globally on this one) can provide you with the opportunity to promote greater security and redundancy in data storage. If my business is on the east coast, for example, and I am concerned about disaster recovery, I would probably prefer to house my data in the western part of the country (and vice versa). What drives this decision process for the customer? Location, location, location. This is something to consider in advance when selecting your datacenter.
  3. The physical location of your datacenter can affect your bottom line. I don’t want to overemphasize this, but with any business decision, at some point in time you will need to consider cost. When it comes to datacenters, please, please don’t look for the low price leader. That’s a great strategy for purchasing your office supplies, but not for selecting your choice of a datacenter. The important nature of this particular business function dictates quality over cost. Now, having said that, the location of your datacenter selection will usually carry a price tag relative to the market or region you are considering a move in. Weigh this along with the other items we’ve covered, but don’t let price alone be your guide when it comes to choosing your datacenter location.

Happy hunting!


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