Remember the days when life was simple? We remember those days too. It’s Axcient’s first year at VMworld and we couldn’t be more excited about it being in our own backyard.

We thought there was no better way to welcome the out of towner’s than to show you the classic hot spots that have been around for years. We believe in the power of simplicity, so if you have time, check out some of our recommendations. Enjoy!

Play – Musee Mecanique – One of the world’s largest privately owned collection of coin-operated games, this classic arcade goes hand in hand with our booths theme this year – Classic Video Games! Check out this hot spot (located in the tourist district of Fisherman’s Warf) and don’t forget to bring your change! Free admission every day, this place has been around since the early 1900’s and never fails to impress!

Eat – La Taqueria – yes it’s a very controversial topic…where to pick up the best taco/burrito. It’s an age-old debate in SF, but we at Axcient have our favorites. Sit down at this Mission establishment and have a taco made by the man who has been serving them up for 35 years.

Drink – Vesuvio – For a no-nonsense drink, go to this local watering hole in North Beach. Sit down and sip a libation in the same spot as “Beat” author Jack Kerouac.

Do -Take a Bay tour, Cal vs. Stanford – although it seems touristy, even a local enjoys a nice ride on the Bay. The weather is going to be great this week so choose a ride on the Blue and Gold fleet or the Red and White fleet. Your choice reflects your allegiance to either Stanford or Berkley. Go Bears or Go Cardinal. The choice is yours!

Watch – Giants Ballpark – ok, so this is where we are cheating a bit with the old school theme – yes AT&T Ballpark is relatively new, but what can we say? It beats Candlestick by a mile. If you stay in town on a game day, go out behind the right field and watch 3 innings for free. On non-game days you can take a tour and see the home of the World Champion SF Giants. Let us brag a bit. It was YEARS of torture.

No matter what, have a great time and come by and visit us at the Axcient booth to talk about technology, play some classic Nintendo and enter for a chance to join us in our exclusive suite at the VMWorld party (an easy way to see the ballpark). We look forward to seeing you!


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