Are you currently using legacy data protection solutions? Tape-to-tape? Disk-to-disk?

To be candid, you may be blind to the challenges posed by older solutions. Tape, for example, is easily damaged by heat, humidity, dust, and magnetic fields. What if you were backing up your critical Exchange server with tape, and that server crashed? Are you confident that you would be able to recover within your RTO? Or would you have to experience hours or even days of downtime to retrieve archived tape — and pray that the data is recoverable? You might think the cost of switching and replacing your legacy solution can break the bank. Ironically, tape may actually be costing you more. Hidden fees will eventually take their toll on your budget. Consider the cost of tape storage centers (Iron Mountain, et al), tape purchases, labor loss during downtime, revenue forfeited while tape files are being stored, and the time and associated costs that map to your IT Manager’s efforts to replace and restore.

Can you relate to any of the pain points above? If so, it may be time to consider an affordable cloud-based solution that will allow you to easily protect and access all of your business information and systems, anytime and anywhere.

Torrance Casting is a manufacturing company that relied on legacy solutions to protect their business. What they realized over time: They did not have the IT resiliency they needed to prevent unplanned downtime. The company used traditional tape backup, which provided insufficient protection; its main downfall was that tape did not provide any secondary or offsite protection. So in case of a disaster, an office fire or power outage, no business recovery or continuity solution was in place.

“Prior to switching over to Axcient, Torrance Casting was backing up to disk. It didn’t provide us with the protection that we needed, ” said Information Technology Manager Lisa Smith. “There were several issues…. It would bog down the network, and backups weren’t completed. The snapshots that were taken would delay network traffic, and drop us down to a point where we were non-functional.”

After encountering multiple IT disasters, Torrance Casting finally realized they needed to change their solution. See why they turned to the Axcient Business Recovery Cloud: Torrance Casting Turns to Axcient to Replace Legacy Data Protection Solutions.


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