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Welcome to the Virtualization is the Future series. This is a three-part series where we will explore why virtualization is the future of IT environments. In Part 3, we will discuss how virtualization enables you to leverage new IT resiliency methods.

A study by Enterprise Strategy Group (ESG), integrated, full-service IT analytics and business strategy firm, published a whitepaper titled How to Accelerate IT Resiliency Through Virtualization which dove in to the topic of virtualization as it related to protection solutions. Information and statistics from this whitepaper are used in this blog.

The ESG whitepaper suggests that virtualized environments are becoming increasingly popular. With their own set of challenges and capabilities, are there any protection solutions that can adequately protect these environments while offering the simple tools to test and deploy disaster recovery in the event of emergency?

The Axcient protection solution is an OS-agnostic tool that allows you to leverage replication, archiving, disaster recovery, test/dev and other features for both physical and virtual devices. This flexibility gives users added portability and is a huge aid in the event of migrations

Axcient essentially creates a virtual copy of the target IT network at a secondary location that saves you the time, money and resources of doing it yourself. You can take full advantage of all the benefits and capabilities of having redundant infrastructure without the costs and resource burden of building and managing it.

The Axcient Cloud is the Cloud component of the Axcient protection solution where users’ replicated data is stored as either the primary or secondary data location depending on the product purchased. You can even create virtual sandboxes for your protected devices at no extra cost. The Axcient Cloud easily lends itself as a simple tool for disaster recovery testing or as a robust environment where you can test new patches and see how it will affect the overall IT environment.

IT professionals are looking for new protection solutions as virtual environments continue to grow. Business continuity and disaster recovery are among the most cited IT priorities in 2015. Axcient separates itself from the pack by offering a powerfully simple solution for both physical and virtual devices. With Axcient, validating data replication is a breeze. You can deploy a Cloud failover at any time whether it’s for dev purposes or for testing a the Cloud failover over process in the event of emergency. Axcient clearly stands out from the pack as an all-in-one, virtual friendly protection solution.

To read the official ESG whitepaper, click here: How to Accelerate IT Resiliency Through Virtualization



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