A few blocks away from Axcient lies a vast wetland, sprinkled with trails, rivers and ducks. Last week, I took a walk through the wetland with my team in Customer Success. We went during the after-lunch lull, accentuated by the mountain of Himalayan food we had just consumed.

A half-mile down the trail, we came across a small lake filled with sailboats, swimmers and wind-surfers. The mid-day sun beat down on our collared shirts and jeans. Around us, kids played in the water as their parents picnicked in the sandy shade. Geese preened themselves lazily under a tree, allowing us to get within a foot before even considering the idea of moving. And there we were, getting a brief glimpse of this sunny paradise before going back inside to work for the rest of the day. Here I was, during one of my last summers before entering the “real world,” immersing myself in a full-time job when I could have been lounging by the lake.

And then I was back at the office, grabbing a granola bar from the kitchen, putting on Deadmau5’s latest beats from Soundcloud, and racking my brain on ways to improve our newest churn-reduction initiative. Immersed in this challenge, I was surprised when I heard my name for that game of Ping Pong and saw that two hours had gone by. This wasn’t the first time – I enjoyed my work this summer, and can hardly believe it’s now over.

Make no mistake, interning at Axcient isn’t lying at the beach all day. But whether I was performing a “deep dive” on a customer and assessing the health of their appliances, or integrating these health metrics into SalesForce, my internship kept me both interested and engaged. I worked on a high-performance team taking on churn, one of SaaS’s greatest challenges. Immersed in the buzzing culture of a Top-100 growth company, I met amazing people and learned a ton. Maybe I could have spent my summer by the beach. But as we left that lake and walked back toward the office, I had no regrets – I now have needed money for college expenses, as well as a wealth of experiences and friendships that will last a lifetime.

Don Stayner is a support intern at Axcient. He is an engineering junior at Dartmouth College and once spent three days fasting in the wilderness on a solo.