IT environments are changing. Companies are increasingly opting for virtual environments and foregoing the physical environments of yesterday. Consider this:

  • 7.7% of companies are 10% virtualized.
  • 15.4% of companies are 10-30% virtualized.
  • 19.2% of companies are 30-50% virtualized.
  • 23.1% of companies are 50-70% virtualized.
  • 34.6% of companies are 70-100% virtualized.

Over 50% of companies have at least half of their IT infrastructure virtualized. Virtualized infrastructures need just as much protection and security as physical environments do. However, old, legacy solutions are not doing the trick and they leave companies vulnerable to threats and IT failures.

The top 3 virtual server data protection challenges are:

  1. Recoverability of data
  2. Validating replication job success
  3. Validating recovery access

But why do legacy protection solutions not make the cut? For one, they impact host, VM and physical infrastructure performance. Secondly, they make validating replication job success and recovery access difficult to validate. Complicated interfaces, tons of red tape and hoops to jump through, resulting in a solution that is hard to validate whether or not you are really protected.

IT professionals need a solution that works for them, and not against them. Axcient is that solution by embracing three important trends:

Server portability and flexibility

The Axcient Business Recovery Cloud allows you to easily protect both physical and virtual devices with one consolidated platform. Protects physical (servers, laptops and workstations) and virtual devices (VMwarem Hyper-V and XenServer).

Economic opportunities and agile improvements via the Cloud

The Axcient Business Recovery Cloud provides you the assurance that your data and applications are always available when disaster strikes. Axcient helps companies save money and jobs by minimizing downtime.

Performing disaster recovery testing has never been easier. With Axcient you are able to perform unlimited DR testing in a sandboxed environment, so you never have to interrupt production sites.

Fast and flexible deployment options:

A simple deployment means more devices can be protected in a shorter amount of time. The quicker you can protect your devices, the more time you can spend ensuring your protection when disaster strikes.

A flexibility in deployment options allows you to pick a deployment method that best compliments your IT environment. Axcient offers three deployment methods: physical appliance, virtual appliance or appliance-less. Axcient works with you to understand which would be best suited for you.

IT environments are increasingly becoming more virtualized and legacy protection solutions just aren’t cutting it. Because IT environments are changing, so should the protection options. Axcient is the solution best positioned to fulfill the protection needs for the rapidly changing IT environment.

Check out the infographics here: Data Protection Challenges in Virtual Environments


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