Can you quantify how much every minute of downtime can cost your organization? Did you know that 1 in 5 recoveries aren’t meeting the expectations of its business stakeholders? As an IT professional, are you satisfied with the level of protection your backup and recovery solution is providing you? In a recent survey done by ESG, nearly one-fourth of IT professionals have an RTO of 15 minutes or less, while 62% have an RTO of 3 hours or less. Recovery time objectives have been decreasing not just for critical or “high priority” applications, but for “normal” production workloads as well. Ultimately, companies today have very little tolerance for any application downtime (Try out this Downtime Calculator to estimate your costs).

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With legacy solutions, meeting your RTO may be more challenging than you think. Your objective is to build a system that provides recovery capabilities such as snapshots, replications, instant failover and more, right? Here is the analogy that ESG uses: “replacing an apple with an apple, or, in this case, a backup solution with another backup solution, doesn’t necessarily resolve the root problem of tight SLA’s or faster recovery rates. Why not try something new, and replace your current apple with an orange? Or why not add an entire fruit salad in order to have different solutions for different workloads.” Consider the following products for your different workloads:

  • Local recovery, so an onsite asset will always be part of the deal
  • Look to the cloud as a platform: this can be a place to failover to for DR and BC-related reasons

The cloud provides organizations of all sizes with a secondary site for BC and DR, and can be used as a data center “on demand.” However, setting up a solution like this may require additional set-up and managing bandwidth. Instead, ESG suggests looking at a vendor that provides a consolidated hybrid solution that will ultimately reduce your total cost of ownership. Check out some of the benefits:

  • A solution that leverages the cloud for data protection that is cost effective
  • Physical and virtual data protection capabilities with an on premise appliance and a cloud data center for BC/DR
  • Able to spin up your entire office in the cloud in case of a disaster
  • Granular file recovery and local server failover

This is a different way to truly ensure that your data and services are accessible and your employees remain productive. For more, check out this short video from ESG on Reimagining Hybrid Data Protection:


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