It’s Thursday, and you’re over the hump, a couple more days and it’s the weekend. You go to open a folder. A dreaded red screen pops up and takes over your desktop. It’s the CryptoLocker. That PowerPoint you’ve been working on for the past 72 hours is held hostage and your presentation is less than a day away – you need that file! It’s encrypted, and the only copy of the decryption key is on the criminals’ server – there is no way to retrieve the file. Either you pay the ransom of $300, or, pull an all-nighter and start your presentation all over again. You have up to three days to pay, or your file is deleted forever. What do you do?


If you are an Axcient customer, then you can quickly and easily restore your file(s) from the latest backup or even failover an entire server that might be affected by CryptoLocker. This ensures that everyone can continue working while also minimizing the risk of spreading the virus by isolating the damaged server. And now you have another option: a key to the encrypted files. According to BBC, since its inception in 2013, more than 500,000 people have been victims to the Cryptolocker, raking in a total of $3 million to its criminal makers. For months, there seemed to be no way out of the ransom. Fortunately, now, there is. Security companies, FireEye and Fox-IT partnered up and have worked to find a solution for victims of the CryptoLocker who didn’t have the option of restoring files from backup. A few easy steps are provided to victims allowing them to decrypt their files without having to pay the ransom.

Here’s how it works: As mentioned in a recent FireEye blog: “FireEye and Fox IT have created a webpage,, where a user can upload an encrypted CryptoLocker file. Based on this upload, the user will be provided with the option to download a private key that should decrypt their affected files. The site also provides instructions on how to apply this key to the files encrypted by CryptoLocker to decrypt those files.”


Click here for the full blog and how-to decrypt your files from CryptoLocker. Thanks to FireEye and Fox IT, you no longer have to worry about this malware threat! Also mentioned in the blog, “The harsh reality of a situation like this is, not many people back up their data. In some cases, the backups would be encrypted if mounted to an infected machine.” Find out how Axcient can help you in this situation.


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