Today, March 31, is World Backup Day. I have always wondered why we have these types of days. While today is World Backup Day, it is also National Tater Day, National Education and Sharing Day, National Clams on the Half Shell Day, and National Bunsen Burner Day.

I bet more people eat potatoes and clams on the half shell than backup their data today. While I love my potatoes as much as the next guy, they in no way help me protect my business from data loss and downtime, and clams are even worse at data protection than potatoes.

I would also place a sizable bet that there are zero more potatoes or clams eaten today per capita than any other day of the year. So the national potato and clam consortiums must be disappointed that their national days are not driving demand. I sure hope this isn’t the case for World Backup Day.

The first thing you should understand about World Backup Day is that yes, there is a real issue with many businesses having no or incomplete backups, leaving their business exposed to data loss and downtime. So generating awareness to this issue is needed. Many business owners and managers feel that their data isn’t that important and it wouldn’t cost them that much if they did lose it. According to the Aberdeen Group in its report, “Downtime and Data Loss, How Much Can You Afford?,” the average cost of downtime is $167,000 per hour. If that seems like a shocking number to you, you can calculate your personalized downtime cost here.

The second — and most important — thing you should understand about World Backup Day is that backing up your data is not enough to stop downtime. Just because you have a copy of your data and just because you can restore that data, does not mean the hands of time will stop while you do this data restoration. Your clients still need to place orders and your employees need to update those same systems you are trying to restore to. What do you do? For most businesses, re-read the previous paragraph. They lose money. Sometimes shocking amounts of money.

So what are business owners and managers who have invested in a backup solution that automatically offsite the data for disaster recovery (DR) and also provides the ability to fail over their critical business systems (business continuity BC) doing? They are enjoying their meal of clams on the half shell and potatoes, paying no attention to World Backup Day because, to them, it means the same as National Bunsen Burner Day — nothing.

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