x360Recover for Linux: Early Access Open to All Axcient Partners

Support for Linux with x360Recover has been a long-standing feature request and the Axcient team is thrilled to open early access to all of our partners starting in mid-April of 2023. The latest release for the early access program is exciting, as it comes with many new features and improvements.

The new release, version 3.2.0, has been in development for several months and builds on feedback from our initial pool of users – our MSP partners. The release focuses on improving and expanding Linux OS support and recoverability, while making troubleshooting easier.

Bare Metal Restore

One of the most exciting new features in version 3.2.0 is bare metal restore (BMR) for Linux on x360Recover appliance deployments. In addition to file and folder recovery, partners now have BMR as an additional recovery option.

Expanded OS Support

Version 3.2.0 also includes expanded OS support for Ubuntu 22.04 LTS and Debian 11 LTS. We know our partners do not all use the same Linux OS with their clients. It’s essential that partners can provide support for the most common Linux OS and derivative distributions, and with this version, we  are delivering that flexibility.

Local Cache to Accelerate Recovery

The new release also includes Local Cache for Direct-to-Cloud (D2C) hardware-free installations as a recovery acceleration layer. Turning on the Local Cache feature allows Linux agents to recover faster when bandwidth is an issue. Throttling support is also included to help with network congestion when a backup runs on a busy network.

Troubleshooting Enhancement

In addition to these new features, version 3.2.0 includes troubleshooting capabilities. You can run the analysis tool to see why a backup job failed. These logs display raw messages that can be caused by numerous resources during the backup process. Also, a password reset utility was added.

Upcoming Releases

The next version, 3.3.0, will expand on Linux OS support and additional derivative distributions. Future updates will lay a foundation for virtualization, Virtual Office, and AutoVerify capabilities. You can keep up with what’s new with x360Recover for Linux in the Axcient Knowledgebase.

Are You Ready?

Overall, the latest release for the early access program is exciting, with many new features and improvements that simplify adoption and allow you to protect your client’s Linux machines. All Axcient partners can become an early access program participant. That gives you the opportunity to use and test the capabilities and provide feedback to the Axcient team  before it is released for General Availability later in 2023. We encourage you to take advantage of the early access program and help us make the Axcient x360Recover even better.

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About the Author: Leif Fortson// Senior Product Manager, Axcient

Leif Fortson is the senior product manager for Axcient x360Recover; he is responsible for driving the product roadmap and having a solid understanding of MSPs’ challenges and frustrations within their business. With over 15+ years of product management and IT experience in various sectors, he has led product teams in channel-driven SaaS products, from best-in-class professional service automation (PSA) to business continuity and disaster recovery (BCDR) products for MSPs.

Before Axcient, Leif worked in all facets of the system development life cycle (SDLC) with various roles and sectors that delivered superior solutions for ConnectWise, Coca-Cola, and Lazydays RV. Leif has an MBA with a focus in cybersecurity. In his personal life, he enjoys training in Brazilian jiu-jitsu, working out, traveling, and trying out new restaurants.

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