…So, Keep Learning and Make Connections that Count!

I don’t know about you, but for me, taking time out of the day to attend a seminar is difficult. Attending conferences? Forget it – who has the time? The reality is, you have to make the time because seminars and conferences can be an important tool in continuing your education and maintaining expertise in your field.

You know how it is. We all get so caught up in our day-to-day duties and responsibilities that it’s easy to say we don’t have time for this sort of thing. I’m guilty of doing of that myself. But, let me share with you a few examples of what happens when the stars align and these seminars and conferences pay off.

Back on June 23rd, I attended a morning technical briefing, “Global Accounting Standards: Where the Bleep are we Going?” hosted by RoseRyan, Inc. As a result of attending this briefing, RoseRyan will keep me updated if and when changes in global accounting standards occur. That’s a good thing because I usually don’t remember or have time to check dozens of different web sites about information related to this topic. Another great takeaway from attending this briefing was making a new professional connection with someone that I will probably do business with in the future. The seminar was definitely worth a few hours of my time, even though it meant re-shuffling my priorities a bit to make room for it in my schedule.

Another educational event I attended on July 28th was a morning seminar hosted by the Santa Clara County Employer Advisory Council. The topic this time was “Managing Performance: Avoiding Common Policy Pitfalls” presented by Kara Arguello of the Berliner-Cohen Law Firm. Everything about this seminar was first class! The topic was very interesting and Ms. Arguello did a great job incorporating three short videos with her PowerPoint presentation on the subject matter. It was well attended, and just like the previous month, I made another new professional contact.

So, I came away from both of these seminars with new information and new professional connections. That’s a win, win in my opinion! What’s next? I’ve taken the plunge – I’m actually going to go to a three-day conference at the end of October. I know it will be a challenge to make the time, but I’m optimistic that it will pay off!


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