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Bruno, Gerbino, and Soriano, LLP

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When John Prag took over as the Director of IT for Bruno, Gerbino, and Soriano, LLP he quickly discovered a top priority. The backup product being used was not functioning correctly and backups weren’t being performed properly, leaving the firm vulnerable to business interruption in case of any IT outage. By turning to Axcient, BG&S was able to quickly deploy an enterprise-grade solution that now provides local and cloud-based data protection and recovery which was put to the test when a critical server crashed.

A Fire Away From a Serious IT Disaster

Working in a law firm, having continuous access to billing, email, and case management applications is critical. A failed server and lost access to data and applications could result in missed court dates, billing confusion and, ultimately, revenue loss and brand damage. When John Prag joined BG&S as the new Director of IT, he realized that the company did not have any plan or solution that would guarantee access to its IT infrastructure.
“Everything — our data and applications — was sitting locally so we were one office fire away from a serious disaster that could be detrimental to our practice,” said Prag. His immediate task was to ensure that not even a natural disaster or power outage would impact the attorneys and staff.

Local and Cloud Based Disaster Recovery

Prag came across Axcient and was attracted to the fact that it provides local and cloud protection. “I wanted a solution that would give us disaster recovery and true business continuity,” said Prag. “We needed a secure place to offsite our data, and using Axcient just made sense.”
He implemented the Axcient solution and felt relieved that his IT infrastructure was no longer prone to disaster.

“Our servers are now being backed up with Axcient using a physical appliance and all that data is securely replicated to the cloud now,” said Prag. “With Axcient, our data and applications are now safeguarded and I no longer have to worry about making sure the Firm’s data is protected in case of a local or geographical disaster.”
Axcient takes a snapshot image of the firm’s entire IT environment (including physical and virtual servers) which is securely replicated to Axcient’s state-of-the-art data center. If BG&S ever does encounter a disaster, it can restore individual files, emails, databases, or entire systems from any point in time in minutes.

A Real Outage Puts Axcient to the Test

It seems Prag made the right choice at the right time, because not long after Axcient was successfully deployed he had to put it to the test in a real emergency situation that would have interrupted the practice.
“One of my VMware virtual servers crashed, interrupting access to the data and applications. However, I was able to spin up that server with Axcient and my firm was up and running again in just minutes.” Having the ability to failover locally and to the cloud gave Prag the business continuity that his practice needed.
“It’s necessary for us to perform disaster recovery testing to ensure our solution is working properly,” said Prag. “Axcient provides us DR testing in a sandboxed or production environment at no additional cost and we have taken advantage of that.”
“The Axcient solution worked out nicely, and it is very easy to use and configure,” said Prag. “The Web-based interface provides a simple dashboard showcasing successful backup jobs, health of servers and recovery options with one click. Your entire IT infrastructure can be managed from a single interface allowing the IT manager to spend less time managing the solution. I would strongly recommend Axcient to any law firm, especially if they’re still using a legacy backup product.”

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