Outage? Outrageous! Unplanned Downtime Can Ruin Your Business

Your business needs to stay up and running, period. On July 8, three major US brands (NYSE, WSJ.com and United Airlines) all experienced unexpected IT issues, easily affecting millions of customers and partners and costing millions of dollars. Our biggest question for them: “What the heck happened with your business continuity and disaster recovery plans?”

We want to make sure your business does not fall in the trap of IT failures. We put together this Business Continuity Success Kit to help you ensure your business is safe from unplanned downtime. This Kit includes:

  • Best Practices in Disaster Recovery Planning
  • The Importance of DR Planning and Testing
  • The IT Manager’s Essential Guide to Business Continuity
  • Building a Case for Business Continuity

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Fact: Less than one-third of businesses have tested their business continuity solutions in the last year.

Creating a continuity plan is just the beginning. Proper implementation means testing the solution, ensuring your team is ready for disaster, and charting all doom scenarios. What good is a plan if you’re not 100% sure it’ll work when you need it most?

Designed for the IT industry, Business Continuity Awareness aims to educate our global IT community on how to create a business continuity plan and get the most out of your business continuity solution. We hope this essential kit helps you improve your business continuity plan.

Are you in the clear?

Go ahead — Check your risk with Axcient’s new Downtime Calculator, then test your recovery skills with this BC24 online incident simulation game from the Business Continuity Institute or download our success kit today!

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