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Axcient x360Recover Keeps Busy Restaurant Running After Ticketing Server Goes Down

Partner IronEdge and their clients have relied on Axcient for business-critical solutions since 2011

Since 2006, IronEdge has been helping businesses in Houston and San Antonio take command and control of their IT. When one of their biggest clients, Alamo Drafthouse Cinema, suffered a critical business failure, Axcient BRC ensured business continuity for weeks with minimal downtime. With the ability to quickly spin up to the failover VM on an Axcient device, Alamo had time to thoughtfully correct the problem without interrupting sales, and create a disaster recovery plan for the future.

IronEdge and their clients have relied on Axcient solutions since 2011. During that time, IronEdge has emphasized the necessity of a backup solution based on the unfortunate consequences of not having these business-critical solutions in place. Having experienced ransomware attacks in their own business, as well as seeing clients forgo backup solutions in order to conserve resources, and then get hit, IronEdge is committed to using stories like these to help their clients make the right decisions upfront.

“It’s important for our account managers to have these ‘what
if’ conversations with clients and encourage them to backup
before an attack takes place. Of course, it’s easier to sell
backup and disaster recovery (BDR) solutions aerwards,
when everything is on fire, but by that point it’s too late.”
– Jesse Yoho, Alamo Draft House Tech Lead

The Problem
    • No disaster recovery plan means disaster reaction instead of proactive protection
    • Downtime for a retail or hospitality business means loss of revenue that cannot be recouped
    • On-site server crash
    The Solution
      • Proactive BDR through x360Recover
      • IronEdge quickly spun up an Axcient virtual server of the physical server to continue business with minimal interruption.
      • Stayed open for business despite potential catastrophic server failure
      The Results
        • Axcient’s x360Recover (BRC) solution protects the entire environment, including the third-party software
        • The MSP and client avoided the potential loss of not doing business for three whole weeks, especially when you consider factors like location, time of year and what movies are out, but IronEdge and Alamo estimate the avoided revenue loss to be in the tens of thousands of dollars.

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