Partner Success Story

Recovering Deleted Data with AirGap

Two weeks after a client told XFER to delete their data, the client needed it back.

Meet XFER:

Based in Livonia, Michigan

Starting 1994

Serving Small to medium-sized businesses

Providing Enterprise-level services and end-to-end solutions for all technology needs.

Axcient partner since 2014

The Challenge

Accidental Data Loss Will Always Happen

As a longtime Axcient partner, XFER, and its CEO, Brandon Hartke, are aware of the AirGap feature, but they’ve never had to use it – until they did.

A client asked their MSP, XFER, to delete unnecessary data from a server no longer in use. XFER technicians proceeded to remove the data following proper data elimination and retention procedures, but two weeks later, the client realized their mistake. They needed the data back, but it was removed from the server and no longer available in XFER’s accessible data store.

The Solution

Never Have to Say, “We Don’t Have Your Data.”

With AirGap automatic ransomware and data-deletion technology in x360Recover, XFER recovered 100% of the deleted data. They decommissioned the server and turned it off in the vault to initiate recovery from the protected snapshot stored in the AirGap archive. Brandon explains,

“We created a service ticket, reached out to Axcient support, and they gave us multiple options for recovery. Whether we wanted to download it or have a drive shipped, we got all the data from the last backup. That was huge for our clients and a big relief for us. We didn’t have to have that hard data loss conversation every MSP dreads.” – XFER CEO, Brandon Harkey

The Results

AirGap: An MSP’s Last Line of Defense

  • AirGap technology separates backup requests from the actual backup mechanics to prevent accidental or malicious deletion.
  • Continuous native snapshots of the filesystem are automatically taken and stored in a safety archive separate from the actual filesystem.
  • Data deletion requests can only be fulfilled after varying times have passed and multiple internal validations are made.
  • Even when data appears deleted, it can be restored in as little as 15 minutes.

Can you recover permanently deleted data?

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