Partner Success Story

Tampa Bay Tech Solutions Increases Monthly Revenue by $12,000 After Leaving Datto


MSP leverages BYOD policies and simple pricing to strengthen BCDR without disrupting clients.

Tampa Bay Tech Solutions repurposes its expensive Datto equipment for a smooth transition to x360Recover and saves thousands of dollars each month.

I’m making six figures more than I was last year on backup savings alone. I don’t know why anyone wouldn’t move to Axcient. – Todd Maddex, President of Tampa Bay Tech Solutions

Case Study

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The Challenge

When Cost No Longer Makes Sense

Tampa Bay Tech Solutions first used StorageCraft for image-based backups, but the MSP’s President, Todd Maddex, describes the partnership as “all promise and no delivery.” They sought a new provider to accelerate recovery, reduce client downtime, and get out of their self-managed cloud.

At the time, Todd believed that Datto’s recovery capabilities were worth the inflated expense to ensure uninterrupted business continuity. He explains, “You had to pay those prices because there wasn’t any other option to have image-based backups that could spin up in the cloud and rapidly recover from ransomware.” Additionally, Tampa Bay Tech Solutions required ConnectWise integration, which Datto also offered. With these boxes checked, Todd sold his clients on Datto and migrated from StorageCraft. Unfortunately, new issues emerged.

Todd says, “Everything that Datto promised as far as their integration with ConnectWise never worked correctly. I would randomly scroll through clients and see they weren’t backing up. But there was no ticket or no information about why. We were constantly struggling with that.” Furthermore, hardware limitations forced Tampa Bay Tech Solutions to increase customer prices, which did not fly with Todd.

We were a Datto partner for about five years, and we were struggling with the price, the support, and minor upgrades to their hardware. Their hardware was very expensive, and even though it had open bays for new hard drives, Datto makes you upgrade to the next device – which sometimes costs thousands of dollars. We were really getting nickeled and dimed, and our clients were getting beat up by it. – Todd Maddex, President of Tampa Bay Tech Solutions


The Solution

Comprehensive BCDR + BYOD = Seamless Vendor Migration

Tampa Bay Tech Solutions needed a new vendor but didn’t want their clients inconvenienced by price hikes, new equipment, or a disruptive migration. The new solution needed to integrate with ConnectWise effectively and allow clients to scale up and down easily and within budget. After gaining insight from a current Axcient partner and completing an x360Recover trial, Todd chose Axcient as his new business continuity and disaster recovery (BCDR) vendor.

Todd took advantage of Axcient’s “BYOD” or Bring Your Own Device policies to drive choice and flexibility for his clients. He says, “Finding out that we could repurpose Datto devices was a game changer since I’d already sold my clients on the hardware, which was very expensive. I told them that to prevent a price increase and continue with a great backup solution, we were pivoting to Axcient. It didn’t cost them any more per month or require new hardware.” Todd and his team began converting the hardware in August with the goal of completion by January. Using Axcient support resources and the hardware-free deployment option, x360Recover Direct-to-Cloud (D2C), Tampa Bay Tech Solutions was able to complete conversion by the first week of September – almost three months ahead of schedule! The quick and simple conversion process allowed the MSP to move much faster than initially anticipated. Todd reports, “Toward the end of finishing conversions, I was doing four clients a day. I was in and out in about 45 minutes to an hour, with clients converted and backing up by the time I left. So, that was not bad at all.”

Using the x360Recover D2C deployment option also allowed Tampa Bay Tech Solutions to expand infrastructure choice and flexibility for its clients based on size, budget, and desires. Todd says, “Being able to have an appliance on-site or even just a USB drive that can be encrypted for people who don’t have the budget for an appliance – or maybe they’re remote, and we can’t get on-site – having D2C is a great option.” Furthermore, Tampa Bay Tech Solutions used D2C to quickly convert clients still on legacy file and folder backups to x360Recover. Because it was essentially the same price, Tampa Bay Tech Solutions could first convert these clients to ensure business continuity and later discuss the benefits of adding hardware for local image backup. Ultimately, Todd was able to upgrade client security without increasing prices.


The Results

Recovery Success, Storage Savings, and Happy Clients

Nearly 30 days after moving to Axcient, Tampa Bay Tech Solutions had to recover a client from a total hardware failure. Without any of their own processes in place and no recovery experience with x360Recover, Tampa Bay Tech Solutions still had the client up and running from scratch in less than three hours. The client was so happy with the speed of the Axcient Cloud compared to what they previously had that they decided to stay there. Todd says, “To have a full image backup every 15 minutes or every hour, depending on the speed of their internet, it’s just night and day a better solution than what we had with Datto.”

Tampa Bay Tech Solutions is also meeting the storage needs of clients who, under Datto, faced thousands of dollars in upgrade fees. Todd describes one example of how they’re better equipped to support clients with pooled storage at a flat fee: “After we switched to Axcient, I was able to replace their hard drives with bigger ones. We went from two to four hard drives and from 6 TB to 15 TB for only $300. Datto wanted $3,000 for the hardware, plus whatever the monthly would have gone up.” He continues, “It was so easy to triple the client’s space, and now they won’t hit a storage ceiling again. The client is happy, and we are happy.”

On top of significant backup savings, a smooth migration, successful recoveries, and happy clients, Todd is also enjoying the peace of mind that comes with automatic backup integrity checks. “The health status of our backups since moving to Axcient is 99% better. AutoVerify is very helpful. Being alerted when a backup is failing is fantastic. It works seamlessly, and we love it.”

My advice for other MSPs is to quit dragging your feet. Schedule a demo with Axcient. Try it somewhere. Put it on an internal server. Stop with the 15 different solutions and the training nightmares. Just come to Axcient, and they’ll show you how to do it right. – Todd Maddex, President of Tampa Bay Tech Solutions

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