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Axcient Fusion: Technical White Paper

Download this technical white paper to learn how Axcient Fusion can provide your business with enterprise-grade IT resilience using the cloud. From protecting virtualized environments against ransomware attacks to shrinking recovery point objectives (RPOs) and recovery time objectives (RTOs) for applications and services, Axcient Fusion is a cost-effective, agile solution for businesses of all sizes…. Read more »

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IT Resilience eBook

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Axcient Fusion Overview

Fusion consolidates and converges your critical non-production workloads into a single cloud platform. With Fusion, you can eliminate redundant IT infrastructure, simplify and streamline your operations, and run your IT with the resilience and agility of the world’s largest enterprises. Cloud-Converged Platform Unmatched Recovery Times Sandbox Testing Global Data Deduplication WAN Optimization Near-Continuous Replication Customizable… Read more »

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Axcient Provides IT Resilience For IT Service Provider

Calm Computing provides businesses with managed IT services. Calm Computing is protecting over eight TB of data and the majority of the environments are fully virtualized. Strati Vourakis is the Founder of Calm Computing and is responsible for deploying a reliable backup and disaster recovery solution to clients. After evaluating multiple solutions, Vourakis decided to… Read more »

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