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SLIDESHARE: The Five Myths of Cloud-Based DR

A recent study by the Disaster Recovery Preparedness Council highlighted a disturbing fact: three out of four companies worldwide are failing in terms of disaster readiness. The impact IT interruptions have range from thousands of dollars to millions of dollars. No wonder the “cloud” is having such an attraction and why businesses are rethinking their… Read more »

3:50 pm

Why Replication is Not Disaster Recovery and Not Enough to Keep Your Business Running

While you may be familiar with multiple replication products and vendors, don’t confuse the technology of data or server replication with Disaster Recovery. Replication is not a disaster recovery solution nor does it provide business continuity. So what exactly is replication? According to TechTarget, replication is the process of copying data from one location to… Read more »

9:15 am

Traditional Backup Is Broken

Can you quantify how much every minute of downtime can cost your organization? Did you know that 1 in 5 recoveries aren’t meeting the expectations of its business stakeholders? As an IT professional, are you satisfied with the level of protection your backup and recovery solution is providing you? In a recent survey done by… Read more »

12:16 pm
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