Colocation vs DRaaS: Watch the Face-Off

Both colocation and DRaaS are viable disaster recovery options for ensuring your business stays up when the chips are down. Though each can be an effective way to transition workloads to a secondary location during an IT interruption, DRaaS is often found to be the better choice — and the greater value — of the two. But neither solution is 100% superior to the other in every case. See which is best for you in this interactive colocation vs DRaaS infographic.

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  • Which option requires absolutely no capital expenditures
  • The hidden costs often involved in data center leasing
  • Recovery Time Objectives for each option

A Must for IT Service Providers: Service providers, gain invaluable knowledge on when to recommend one solution over the other, keeping in mind that platform consolidation within your client base is often the goal.

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“Both colocation and disaster recovery as a service can be viable options for ensuring continuity of business. When properly implemented, both solutions achieve the goal of allowing workloads to be transitioned to a remote location in times of disaster. Neither solution however, is 100% superior to the other in every situation.” Brien M. Posey, Best Practices in Business Recovery: Colocation vs. DRaaS