CommVault vs Axcient
Instant server failover locally
Instant server failover to the cloud
Full office replication and failover to the cloud
Virtual appliance to leverage VM environments
Test failover and DR testing in sandboxed environments

CommVault’s software only solution requires you to work with multiple different vendors, leading to a costly solution that fails to provide true business continuity. It’s limited, complex and not true cloud. More companies are switching over to Axcient’s end-to-end cloud based solution that not only provides the traditional elements of backup and recovery, but also true business continuity, archiving and disaster recovery. Fill out the form to see an exclusive Axcient Demo and experience it for yourself.

“Axcient is exactly what we needed: A solution that ensures we can continue working no matter what happens with the servers or the office.”

Tony Fuentes, Systems Administrator, Walton Lantaff Schroeder & Carson LLP
Backup and Recovery Backup & Recovery Easily backup and restore files, folders, databases, and system images for every device in your network all through a single cloud interface.
Business Continuity Business Continuity Eliminate business interruption by failing over individual systems or a mirror of your entire office to the Axcient platform. No matter what happens, we’ll keep your business up and running.
Disaster Recovery Disaster Recovery Whether there’s a fire, flood or aliens invade, we’ve got all of your digital assets protected and ready to recover. Axcient will take care of your applications, systems and data so that you can take care of you business.

How it Works

Recover your data, applications and entire IT infrastructure with Axcient. CommVault vs Axcient — Why CommVault is Not Business Continuity.