Improve IT Resiliency With This Downtime Elimination Kit

Have you experienced IT downtime? If so, you know it’s costly, tedious and the effects can be detrimental to your business. It’s time for you to eliminate downtime and stop putting your business at risk.

Download your own Downtime Elimination Kit for steps to prevent IT downtime and increase your IT resiliency. This must-have kit includes:

  • ESG Research: Reimagining Hybrid Data Protection
  • The IT Manager’s Essential Guide For Preventing Downtime
  • Downtime Calculator

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Fact: Downtime costs businesses an average $163,674 per hour.

Now that you’re aware of the damage downtime can do to your business, where do you go from here? The answer: conquer downtime to save your business. Fill in the form to download your Downtime Elimination Kit and start saving your business now.

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Backup and Recovery

Axcient Protects Data and Applications

Axcient replaces the multiple products typically used for backup, replication, deduplication and archiving with the Powerfully Simple ™ Cloud Based Disaster Recovery platform. We mirror your entire business in the cloud making it simple to restore data, failover servers and virtualize your network with a click.

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Destroy downtime once and for all with the Downtime Deletion Kit, providing IT managers with the latest tips and calculations