The Virtualization Challenge

Experts predict your IT environment will be 100% virtual by 2020. At that point, data protection worries should be moot. But there’s one major concern with a hybrid solution, which you may have now: How do you ensure zero data loss during an interruption, if legacy components are in your mix?

There are dozens of strategies—from snapshotting to replication—but these are complex, expensive, and not altogether effective. Now there’s a relatively new—yet definitively proven—answer. Learn about the Axcient advantage.

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Read and learn:

  • How to overcome data protection challenges in virtual environments
  • Achieving IT resilience with virtualization
  • New cloud-enabling technologies to take your data protection to the next level

The Goods for MSPs: Service providers, know how a single platform can expand both your virtualization and BC/DR sales.

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“One attractive aspect of Axcient is our new ability to perform disaster recovery testing in sandboxed environments, so there’s no interruption in our production site. We will perform these tests more frequently, as I want to ensure that our system is properly working.” Shawn Davis, Chief Information Officer, Tuba City, AZ Shawn Davis Quote